2024 Venue — Pier 60 Chelsea Piers, New York

Recommended Travel Days

Arrive on Tuesday Afternoon

For the best conference experience, we recommend arriving Tuesday afternoon, March 19th.

Depart on Thursday Night or Friday Morning

You should plan on leaving Thursday night, March 21st or Friday morning March 22nd so you don’t miss the lunch networking event and final panel!

Flight Recommendations

John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK)

More than 70 airlines operate out of JFK. Located 40-50 minutes by car to the event venue
*Please note that United Airlines is no longer included. United now flies out of LaGuardia Airport*

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LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Located between 30 and 40 minutes by car to the event venue
A limited number of 11 airlines operate out of LGA.

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Recommended Hotels

Arrive on Tuesday Afternoon