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Helping Insurers and InsurTechs Work Better Today

The Insurance Collaboration Index is a unique and powerful way to see how different insurance companies stack up on how well they work with suppliers and vendors to the industry.

It is based on the first-hand feedback of suppliers, vendors and solution providers across a number of factors.  Similar indices have helped other industries perform better while building stronger relationships and better ROI from implementing different solutions.

The ICI is a collaborative effort lead by InsurTech NY to support startup and incumbent providers and insurers throughout the industry.

InsurTechs - Take the Survey Today!

InsurTech and other suppliers, vendors and partners to the insurance industry,  give feedback on up to 5 insurers by completing the survey today, anonymously.

Benefits for InsurTechs

Give honest, anonymous feedback

A unique chance to give rich feedback anonymously to insurers you work with that could help them to be better partners.

Create better customers

Improve the way the Insurance industry works with suppliers, vendors and solution providers, whether startup or an existing player.

Know where to focus your efforts

See which carriers make better partners, or what areas you may need to focus on to ensure projects are as successful as they can be.

Benefits for Insurers

See how you stack up

See how you compare to your peers, and understand what drives your performance.

Become best-in-class

Learn how to be a better partner so the best solutions seek you out, and you go to market faster, easier and with greater ROI

Attract engaged employees

When you’re known as a great partner in the industry, employees seek you out and those you have will be more engaged because you give them the best tools, faster

Tony Lew Talks about the Benefits of the ICI

What Does the Index Measure


How committed to success was the insurer, was the staff engaged and did leadership provide supportive and guidance along the way?


Was the insurer ready, willing and able to be flexible, move fast and break through politics and history to get to market as quickly and completely as you hoped?

Budget & Resourcing

Was the project adequately resourced along the way, and was proper budget available to adequately and fairly compensate you for the value provided?

The Insurance Collaboration Index Team

Created by leaders from around the industry, collaborating to help the industry work together better

Tony Lew

Managing Director, InsurTech NY

David Gritz

Managing Partner, InsurTechNY

Bryan Falchuk

Managing Partner, Insurance Evolution Partners

Cynthia Hardy

CEO, Pivot Global Partners

Krishnan Venkatachalam

Krishnan Venkatachalam

Principal, Pivot Global Partners

Alan Walters

VP, Insurance Research, Conning

Irene Yang

Principal, Finesse Innovation

Roi Hansraj

Executive Director, RCI

Mark Gardella

Principal, Zephyr Innovation Advisors

Mike Fitzgerald

Advisory Industry Consultant, SAS

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Q3-4 2021

Survey in Market

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