InsurTech Virtual Matchmaking Expo 2020

InsurTech Virtual Matchmaking Expo 2020

Get involved with InsurTechs. Visit virtual InsurTech expo booths. Meet InsurTech founders. Discover advisory, board, or full-time ops.

About this Event

In the last 5 years, more than $20 billion has been invested in InsurTech startups and more than 4,000 companies have formed. These startups touch almost every line of business from health to auto to commercial lines.

Insurance carriers are now sourcing innovation from startups faster than they are developing it internally and major acquisitions like Cover Wallet (by Aon) and Fast Technologies (by Verrisk) have hit the global media.

if you are looking to set up your career for success in the next 5 to 10 years, it must have an InsurTech component. Executives from major carriers and brokers are serving as advisors, investors, or board members to InsurTechs. Technical and underwriting leaders are weaving InsurTech roles into their resumes.

Now, in a time of great market turbulence and change, is the best time to explore new options and expand your horizons. Find a startup you can help.

Join our InsurTech Matchmaking Expo where you can meet the most InsurTechs in the largest virtual expo on North America.

The InsurTechs are looking for:

  • Advisors and Board Directors – Senior leaders and industry experts who can provide guidance and advice that could bring their business to the next level
  • Mid to Senior Employees – Mid to senior leaders who can fill a specific need they have (e.g. Sales, Underwriting, Customer experience)

With our state-of-the-art Networking tool, you will also be able to network with 300+ InsurTech aficionados from the leading InsurTechs and Carrier / Broker companies.

Agenda Overview

(All times US Eastern Time)

Information Session

09:00 AM – 09:10 AM: Announcements

09:10 AM – 09:55 AM: Panel Discussion on The Perfect InsurTech Hire

10:00 AM – 01:00 PM: InsurTech Information Sessions

Expo Halls

09:55 AM – 03:00 PM: Virtual Matchmaking networking floors open

InsurTech Employers

50+ of the fastest growing InsurTechs will provide information about their open roles to attendees. Participating companies are Apfie, Artifical, Assurely, Breathe Life, Britecore, Carebridge, Clausematch, Click Insurance, Cognitive View, DealerPolicy, Embroker, Everyday Life, Fenris, Floatbot, Foresight Analytics, Geox Group, Gerald App, Goose, GradientAI, Guardhog,, Infinilytics, Insurescan, Insurmi, IXN, Kiwi Insurance, Lisa InsurTech, Livindi, Oval Digital, Micruity, Motion Insurance, Omniscience, Pablow, Pinpoint Predictive, Protosure, Reeske, Relay, Saive, Sigo, Simple Pin, Sola Relief, Sorcero, Stable Insurance, Tower IQ, TrustLayer, Vymo

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InsurTech Open Roles

(Note, this is NOT a comprehensive list, and there will be many more open roles to apply to during the day of the fair. The list will be updated continuously. (Illustrative examples below)

  • Carrier Advisor: Advisor who can guide us to understand how to partner with brokers in Europe.
  • Sales Director: Senior sales leader to build and lead sales teams.
  • Board Director: Senior executive who can provide oversight for our management team.
  • Chief Actuary: Actuary expert who can provide leadership in actuarial duties for our life insurance business.
  • Project Manager: Experienced PM that can lead pilots and manage stakeholder needs

Associations and Partners

We are partnering with leading Insurance and InsurTech associations, communities, and education institutes who have in aggregate 1M+ in reach. Thank you to our partners: MedStartr, CTI, NAAIA New York, Quesnay, St John’s University, Insurtech Hartford, Empire State Development, Innovation Underwriters, Department of International Trade UK, GIA and Advisen. The list will be updated continuously.

Who Should Attend

InsurTech Employers:

  • HR Leaders: VPs, Directors, and Managers of Human Resources
  • Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Leaders
  • InsurTech Founders and Hiring Managers
  • CVCs, VCs, and Private Equity Groups

Opportunity Seekers (Board + Advisory Roles):

  • Retired executives
  • Founders (with prior exits)
  • Angel Investors

Opportunity Seekers (Full-time):

  • Underwriters (all seniority levels)
  • Project Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Developers (all seniority levels)
  • Business development and sales leaders
  • Implementation and Delivery Managers

How It Works

We will be using a state of the art technology which allows us to fully experience the matchmaking event virtually.

  • Every employer has a virtual booth. Each booth will have 4 chairs. Employers can have ~2 representatives sitting virtually in the booth.
  • Attendees can hop from one booth to the next, just like they would in a real expo hall. They do this by clicking on one of the open chairs in each of the booths.
  • Once they click on a chair, they will start engaging in a video call right away with the employer’s representative and other(s) who are sitting in the booth, just like in a real expo! If there is a mutual interest, you can exchange info or go up to the interview hall to do a 1-on-1 private interview.


See the video below which gives a quick overview of how Remo Conference technology works.

October 29, 2020

5:30 am - 12:00 pm

Location :


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