How We are Unique

$0 cost

No equity or fee to enter the program.

Guaranteed Meetings

Meet with carrier/broker decision-makers for pilots and paper/capacity.


Learn from reverse pitches, intensive feedback sessions, and experienced mentors.


100% virtual. Only spend time to increase traction, talent, and funding; no fluff.

Real Investors

Pitch to top investors who cut checks for InsurTechs

Job fair

The world’s only dedicated InsurTech job fair

What Is In The Program

12-day program spread over 6 weeks.

POCs, Pilots, & Partnerships (4 Weeks)

InsurTechs learn how to win commercial contracts or get paper/increase capacity. Have 1-on-1 meetings with Carrier/Broker decision-makers.

Talent Acquisition (1 Week)

Hire your next sales leader, data scientist, or senior underwriter. Expert coaching from recruiters and access to hundreds of candidates through our virtual job fair.

Fundraising (1 Week)

Understand real Series-A and Series-B term sheets from VCs and deals attorneys. Pitch to Investors who have experience investing in InsurTechs.

Participating Carriers & Brokers

Work with 10+ recognized reinsurers, carriers, and brokers in property & casualty, life & annuity,and specialty lines. More information about the participating corporations will be released before the program.

Life & Annuities

Property & Casualty


Our Timeline

Jul - Aug


  • Open July 2020 on F6S
  • Simplified application for competition applicants


Selection Day

  • 30 Insur Techs invited day to Selection
  • Carrier/Brokers select -10 Insurtech for the program

Oct - Nov

Accelerator Program

  • Program spans 12 days across 6 weeks
    • Partnership (4 weeks)
    • Talent Acquisition (1 wk)
    • Investment (1 wk)